Project Outcomes


This work also builds on an earlier project, the 2008-2011 Aboriginal Visual Histories [LINK to Monash site], an Australian Research Council-funded Discovery Project (DP 0878567)

Some major results from this project were published in:

Jane Lydon (ed) Calling the Shots: Aboriginal Photographies (Canberra, Aboriginal Studies Press, 2014). For more information regarding this publication go to AIATSIS article.


Anita Herle., Jude Philp, & Jocelyn Dudding. 2015: Reactivating visual histories:
Haddon’s photographs from Mabuyag 1888, 1898. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum – Culture 8 (1):255-290. Brisbane. ISSN 1440-4788.

Christopher Morton (forthcoming) ‘The ancestral image in the present tense’, Photographies (special issue: Reasserting presence: reclamation, recognition and photographic desire, edited by Haidy Geismar and Christopher Morton).

Christopher Morton. 2014    ‘Reconnecting and researching Australian Aboriginal photographs’, The Friends of the Pitt Rivers Museum Newsletter, Issue 79, p5.

Christopher Morton. 2012    ‘Spiritual repatriation and the archive in Christian Thompson’s We Bury Our Own’, in Christian Thompson – We Bury Our Own (exhibition catalogue). Fitzroy: Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, pp13-15.

Further Reading

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